Consistently elevated stress levels can cause unpredictable health concerns and other worrying problems. We help you take control of your stress levels.

Types of stress
Stress exists as an unavoidable part of our daily lives. While the physical effects of stress often only appear after an extended period of elevated stress levels, stress plays a role in much of our human functioning. There are “good” types of stress, that help you stay focused and achieve your goals. Too much stress, however, can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Consistently elevated stress levels must be managed, to curb the physical and mental side effects. 

Preventing burnout
Consistently high-stress levels can lead to burnout. Burnout, officially classified as a medical condition in 2019, can lead to all sorts of side effects, both temporary and permanent. Avoiding burnout is key, so we’ve listed three ways you might be able to do just that, and take control of your stress levels:

  • Don’t take a typical holiday: We don’t – literally – mean skipping a good annual holiday. Instead, find ways to adjust your routine so that you can have a little time of “holiday” in your day or week. So many of us work weekends, must cater for awkward working hours, or simply need to sustain a lifestyle that keeps up with multiple demands. Start scheduling yourself a little “holiday” time every week, and you’ll soon start feeling a little more level-headed. This could mean scheduling a nature walk on your own, digging into a good book, or binge-watching your favourite series. Yes, we’re serious: sometimes taking to the couch is good for you. 
  • Switch off the news: The lifestyle of the 2000s is always-on, and we’re bombarded by information around the clock. The typical morning ritual of reading the newspaper has been replaced by a wall-to-wall cycle of news and information that often feels inescapable. Switch off the news, log out of your social media accounts, and turn off those notifications. Taking a digital detox is good for your mind and your body. 
  • Rethink self-care: When people talk about self-care, they usually envision bubble baths and massages. But those are secondary to the truest type of self-care – taking care of the things you can control. Making sure you eat well, getting your accounts in order, and ticking things off your to-do list, are also acts of self-care. Think of small tasks you keep meaning to get to, but always seem to procrastinate past. Get those things you can control out of the way, and off your mind. 

Speak to your doctor
As always, when it comes to your health, always speak to your doctor, nurse, or other members of your health care team. Your doctor may be able to help you with advice and guidance on how to better manage your stress levels.

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